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Email Basura

Spam (also known as junk-mail or spam-mail) is the massive sending of unsolicited email, mostly commercial advertising about doubtful products, methods to get rich, pornography or services on the border of legality.

The lists of emails with the addresses of potential victims of spam are frequently created filtering Usenet messages, stealing addresses from the distribution lists, buying email databases or searching for addresses in the Internet.

The eradication of spam mail is impossible today, but one of the most efficient ways to reduce the arrival of such junk-mail is identifying the IP of the server from which the spam mail has been sent and blocking it in a way that no more emails coming from such IP are accepted.

Due to the high number of servers sending spam today, it is very useful to have a large anti-spam database with the IPs of the servers sending spam (IP blacklist) for the "legitimate" servers to refuse the email coming from such servers.

It is with this idea that exists, with the idea that all people suffering the spam-mail contribute to enlarge this IP blacklist database, reporting the IP addresses from which they receive such spam and benefiting from the use of this public and free antispam database of doubtful IP addresses introduced by themselves and from other people.

Technical Details

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