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SpamCannibal does not identify spam. SpamCannibal uses a list of identified spam sources (IP addresses) to know what to block. SpamCannibal's network module continuously adds the IP address of incoming connections to its database. From this list, there are three ways to obtain a list of spam sources:

1. Read the spam email that you receive to identify spam sources, and simply mail the offending spam to the SpamCannibal mail filter robot which will dutifully strip out the sending mail server host address and add it to SpamCannibal's tarpit database.
2. Use a remote DNSBL to screen SpamCannibal's archive database of IP connection addresses. SpamCannibal's script does this for you automatically when run periodically from a cron job.
3. Setup an automated email filter to identify spam sources from the spam email that you receive. Use SpamCannibal's tools to add these spam addresses to the tarpit database. Extensive Perl tools are provided with the SpamCannibal distribution to facilitate this.

Technical Details

We are unable to remove you from any blacklist. You need to visit the blacklist directly for removal.
If any information concerning this DNSBL is incorrect, missing, or out of date, please contact us.