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SORBS - Dynamic User and Host List

If you are listed on DUHL and not running a mail server do not worry about being listed here - it is normal for users in dynamically assigned IP space.

The SORBS Dynamic User and Host List (DUHL) is similar to other DUL lists. However, many of the others are actually lists of dial-up ranges only. With cable modem and DSL access becoming more prevalent for home subscribers and dial-up becoming correspondingly more rare, the impact of lists of dial-up ranges only is reduced. Therefore, the SORBS DUHL is a list of netblocks where the address space is assigned dynamically to users and hosts regardless of the actual method of connecting those users and hosts to the network. Dynamic assignment of IP addresses makes identification of spam sources a little more difficult. It is a matter of debate as to whether a user at home should be running their own mail server. It is the opinion of SORBS that anyone competent enough to do so should be allowed to run their own mail server, but also, that all outgoing mail from dynamically assigned address space (and in a few cases even from statically assigned space) should be made to flow through the mail server(s) of the Internet service provider in question.

SORBS DUHL originally started life as a straight import of the Dynablock list maintained by Easynet NL. Easynet NL stopped providing the list in late 2003.

Requests for entries to be added to or removed from the SORBS DUHL can be made by any Internet service provider responsible for a particular range of IP addresses.

We will also list dynamically assigned address ranges that we come across (most commonly when we receive spam from them). Generic reverse DNS naming is the most important criterion for determining if an address range should be considered dynamically assigned.

Please note that entries in the SORBS DUHL never expire, not even the entries we inherited from Easynet NL Dynablock. We al

Technical Details

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If any information concerning this DNSBL is incorrect, missing, or out of date, please contact us.