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It's a fact today, the amount of spam is growing and growing. It can be just annoying to you, but viruses and trojans may create loss of data even on your private PC. With our antispam services we can help you to eliminate spam professionally and to concentrate yourself on your main business.

On those pages you can find some public blacklists but we also present our main spamfilter product Improware MX-Gate. It does the job of spamfiltering for you, with a 99,9% spam hit rate. Without difficult installation, configuration. You just change the MX-Record to our system and we set up everything else for you. With MX-gate you don't have a spam problem anymore within a few hours.

We use and develop brand new advanced anti-spam techniques: A smart OCR-System to scan pictures and animations, a PDF module to filter the recent Acrobat PDF spams, our own blacklist services, for example DNSRBLs and the URIBL blacklist. To recognize spam early we use spamtraps and we have developped selective graylisting. With Fuzzy-Checksums on MIME-parts we are able to recognize pictures and objects in spams. There are also public rulesets against SCAM and Phishing. With all those Anti-Spam measures we have a very good hit rate.

Technical Details

We are unable to remove you from any blacklist. You need to visit the blacklist directly for removal.
If any information concerning this DNSBL is incorrect, missing, or out of date, please contact us.