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Quick Blacklist Check: OFFLINE

DSBL's list nameservers have continued to answer queries for 3 years after the list went off. From now on, DSBL list queries (to *, * and * will go to the nonexistant nameserver, which resolves to the unroutable example IP address

This should keep nameservers everywhere working like they should, while slowing down spam filters that are still using DSBL. Hopefully the annoyance of the slowdown will convince the remaining DSBL users to stop using DSBL. DNS timeouts should not cause any email to get lost.

As of 8/20/2012 this results in ALL IP addresses being blocked.

Please stop using DSBL. The list has been empty for three years.

You can read more by visiting their website at

  • If you are an end user and your mail has been returned as undeliverable...
    and the bounce notification references you'll need to contact the intended recipient by phone or other means and ask them to contact their email provider to remove all references to

  • If you are an end user and you visited a blacklist monitoring website...
    and you've seen that your IP address is listed please let the blacklist monitoring website know that is no longer active and needs to be removed. Since the vast majority of mail admins don't consult this list it should have no impact your mail delivery.

  • If you are a blacklist monitoring organization...
    please cease checking against

  • If you are a mail server administrator...
    and your mail server is rejecting or flagging mail as spam because of please remove from your list of checks. In the future you'll want to make sure that you periodically check the operational status of all blacklists that you consult.